Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weather in the 60s Revisited

Oops, this one got out of order.  Oh well, it's still all ancient history now...

Man, it's tough looking back on the gorgeous weather we had in late May.  (I conveniently have a record of my outfits and the weather forecast for each work day that I originally used for planning purposes and that I now just torture myself with.)  But let's muscle through this.

A Strange Sartorial Start to the Week--Monday, 5/22/17

I'm the first to say that this is an odd color combination, but I just wore two subtle colors from the top in darkened form--pink became maroon, aqua became dark teal.  Not my most successful combination, but it was, as they say, different.  And I think the silhouette of drapey cardigan and skinny ankle pants worked just fine.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $6.80

Paging Dr Jewel Tones--Tuesday, 5/23/17

This white jacket doesn't exactly look like a lab coat, right?  I mean, it could be a waiter jacket.  But I like the tuxedo jacket idea best, especially when worn with my trusty "black pants + black shoes for the rain" combo.

*White tuxedo jacket (JCP), $13.99

OCPW: $23.03

Spotted in Red--Wednesday, 5/24/17

Wearing these tan flats with the black captoes just made me incredibly happy with this outfit.  It's like a little callback to the black top half after that long expanse of really red pants.  You'll take what you can get to carry you through your work day, right?

OCPW: $10.41

Sometimes You Hit It Out of the Park--Thursday, 5/25/17

Colorful, perfectly fitting pants? Check.  Chambray blazer? Check.  Pattern mixing floral and leopard? Check.  Long scarf? Check.

I was thrilled with how this combination turned out.  One of those rare outfits that is even better in reality than it was in your imagination.  Hence I am giving you a gigantic photo so you can view it in its fully Sally-esque glory.

OCPW: $11.73/wear

...And Sometimes You'd Rather Just Be at the Park--Friday, 5/26/17

This is a pretty casual Friday outfit, even by my standards, and it's not very interesting (though the metal-studded collar of the t-shirt, which isn't visible in the photo, makes it a little less boring).  But I was happy to find that this cream t-shirt is the exact same shade as the cream stripes in the t-shirt cardigan.  So there's that.  Plus Friday.

*Cream short-sleeved T (thrifted, Liz & Me), $6.74

OCPW: $12.02

OK, people, we're starting to get a little caught up!


Mom said...

I like the red pants. They are a nice color. Love the striped cardigan!

Sally said...

The red pants are a lot of fun. As you can see, I'm trying to wear these ankle pants as much as I can while it's still no-socks season.

I always had trouble figuring out how to wear that cardigan, but with the cream top, I'm in business.