Sunday, July 30, 2017

Operation Comfort and Joy

Before I get to outfit details, it's probably time I introduced my style theme for the year: Operation Comfort and Joy.

In previous years, I focused on wearing everything in my wardrobe at least once during the year (Work the Wardrobe Challenge) and driving down the price per wear on my garments (Operation Cost Per Wear).  I also tried out new things like mixing patterns, testing new silhouettes, and wearing items in a variety of ways.  This level of experimentation was fun but I did a lot of preparation on the weekend to have outfits ready for the work week, including trying on and photographing everything in advance to make sure it worked (well enough).

But you know what?  I've gotten to where I have a good sense of what I like and don't really want to spend as much time with outfit prep.  (This is part of why my outfits get posted so late--I don't photograph anything until the morning I wear it, and I get behind.)  I'm also feeling less urge to seek novelty for the sake of novelty--I am just fine wearing items in a similar (not identical) way from outfit to outfit once I've found something that works and makes me happy.

Another strong preference that's come into play lately is that I have lost patience for wearing uncomfortable clothes.  Individual items that are too tight, too constricting, too stiff, too scratchy, too fiddly, too short, too long...things that don't want to stay where I put them...outfits that are too warm or too cool for the matter how nice or attractive or whatever these items/ensembles are, I don't want to deal with them anymore.

There are entire categories of garments that are becoming very rare for me now, such as cotton button up shirts.  They can look sharp and professional or cute nerdy librarian, etc., depending on how they're styled, but they are almost always stiff, frequently constricting, and require futzing with, so most of the ones have moved from my closet to the Goodwill bag.  In their place, I have started leaning toward soft blouses with a good drape (like the rabbit blouse from Loft).

Another problem item--stiff pencil skirts that are a bit on the short side.  It's kind of sad because I have such a nice selection of these, but the thing about a pencil skirt in unforgiving fabric is that you gain 10 pounds and suddenly they are like 3" too short.  Bah.  We'll see if any of these get back in the rotation during the tights season (or in the strange and unlikely event I lose 10 pounds), but for now, I've switched to super-comfortable and well-fitting colorful ankle pants (as you have seen and will continue to see), and I am growing my collection of more forgiving knit pencil skirts (that have the advantage that they are basically as comfortable as pajamas and can be worn on weekends as easily as at work).

When reflecting on my sartorial priorities, I realized that I basically wanted to dress with comfort and joy.  So there we go.

Grape Limeade--Monday, 6/26/17

I bought a new pair of purple (blurple) pants to replace my old pair that was a bit tight on me, so I could revisit one of my favorite pants/scarf combos, only this time with a lime-colored shirt.  The diamond pattern on this tipped sweater is so small that it sometimes doesn't work like I think it will in a given outfit, but in this case, with the mix of textures and only a bit of subtle pattern mixing against the bold scarf, it was just right. Verdict: I loved this one! 10/10 would wear again.

*Purple pants (JCP), $16.09

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $24.33

Coral/Floral--Tuesday, 6/27/17

Yet another great sleeveless top from my Goodwill run, which happens to be perfect with these coral pants.  I enjoyed being matchy-matchy with my accessories, all the way down to the bright blue Fitbit.

*White/blue/coral floral sleeveless blouse (thrifted, Walmart), $2.24

OCPW: $23.22

Light Metal/Pop of Pink--Wednesday, 6/28/17

Black and white on top with bright bottoms is a classic in my book, and I liked using my new tuxedo jacket and metallic accessories to fancy-up this otherwise simple knit shirt and cotton pants outfit.

OCPW: $17.07

"Pep"py Leopard--Thursday, 6/29/17

OK, I look a bit pregnant in this loose peplum top (I am not pregnant).  But whatever--I love how comfortable it is so I deal.  (Remember: comfort rules!)  I added a big flowy scarf which may or may not have distracted from the somewhat-pregnant silhouette of this outfit but it was a nice "third piece" to bring the colors together.

*Black peplum top (Lands End), $11.93

OCPW: $23.10

Le Moto--Friday, 6/30/17

I am not ever going to be confused with the mythical effortlessly stylish French girl, but wearing a silk scarf knotted at the side of my throat makes me feel as chic as I ever get.  It was fun to be able to wear this stretchy moto jacket another time before the weather got seriously hot.

OCPW: $14.41

Are you ready for the most silly bit of Easter swag I got this year?  OK, here it is.

Yes, it is a bunny puff that wraps around a dining room chair.  I only bought one (I mean, really, with this intensity of cuteness, a little dab will do ya), and I placed it on the chair that is set against the dining room wall (next to my own chair) with a bag of enzymes, vitamins, etc. on it.  This way the bunny butt sticks out where I always see it, and I don't have to worry about knocking it lose when I sit down/get up from my chair.  (The wrap is a perfect fit only when it is arranged at the very top of the chair.)

In other news...Dude, do you or do you not have a functioning frontal lobe?


Debbie said...

I found myself adding the word "joy" to the end of each of your outfit names (Grape Limeade Joy, Coral/Floral Joy, etc.). I had to remind myself the French word for joy (which I know from joie de vivre!) for Le Moto Joie.

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Thank you for these tidings.