Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Final Word on BBC Sherlock

I recently watched the last two episodes of the BBC Sherlock show, and man, totally amazing, the last episode in particular.

It's like everyone--writers, cast, director--got together to figure out what would be an episode that would top everything off.  To create an episode that after watching it, every single viewer would be like, OK, yep, I am done with this fucking crap show forever--do not make a fifth series of this bullshit, I will not watch it.

I mean, really, they did everything in their power to not end up in the same circumstances as Arthur Conan Doyle, who even after killing Sherlock off, was forced by popular demand to revive him and continue writing the stories.

Yep, mission complete, people.  It's a wrap.

I don't know what was worse.  The ever-multiplying members of the Holmes family?  The super-villain who puts an unbelievably complicated plan in motion in under five minutes (emphasis on unbelievable) with her Jedi mind tricks?  The evolving "Redbeard" nonsense?  The scary clown?  It's got to be the under-cooked, implausible pop psychological explanation for why Sherlock is the way he is.  No, I know.  That ludicrous, trite recorded paean to the awesomeness of Sherlock and Watson at the very end.  Because if you didn't have a dead woman telling you how wonderful they are, you could be excused for missing it.

I didn't hate it exactly, but I spent almost the entire episode thinking, Oh God, come on, seriously?!


Mom said...

That's why I thought this season was so weird!

Sally said...

Yeah, it really was. I appreciate your restraint in only saying "weird"--it did not give away just how loony/craptastic it was. :)