Friday, June 9, 2017

Rhydon, Good Buddy

Now that I have five weeks of outfit photo backlog, how about a quick step back in time to when it was spring and I was relying on pants to bridge that period when it's too warm for tights and too cool for bare legs?  Ah, spring, I already miss you...

In Which We Examine A Week of Spring Pants Outfits, Most of Which I'd Already Forgotten About

Monday, 5/8/17--Although this is just a comfortable (and cute) floral blouse, because it's from the Disney Alice collection, it gets a special bonus.  I like the bright pink and grey together, and how they pick up colors from the blouse.  This is a straightforward but useful outfit creation technique: pick a patterned top, then add coordinating bottom, topper, and shoes in 2-3 colors from the top.  Easy peasy.

Tuesday, 5/9/17--A top with black and white plus the blazer tipped in white = instant outfit when adding bottoms in another color from the top.  I enjoyed the matching black and gold necklace and shoes, too.

Wednesday, 5/10/17--Another version of Monday's outfit formula, using a scarf as the basis for the color selection.  This one seems a bit more subdued with black and light blue as the coordinating colors, but actually those are my black and blue flats with the sparkly bits, so it's like Semi-Professional with Fun Feet.

Thursday, 5/11/17--A navy and white striped top with navy cardigan can be worn with almost any color of non-neutral pants.  Bright blue is not an obvious choice for me (as opposed to red or pink or green, for example) but it worked just fine, and gave me an excuse to wear this flashy statement necklace in a subdued-by-my-standards outfit.

Friday, 5/12/17--This business casual Friday outfit is a definite Frankenstein's Ensemble.  Take the blazer, mixed pearl necklace, and buckle flats from a weekday outfit and wear them with a pair of jeans and knit top that would look normal on the weekend and it kind of averages out to Friday somehow.

In other news...Let's enjoy this video of elephants rushing to greet a rescued baby elephant.  Elephants, you are awesome!  And may you readers head as eagerly and energetically into this weekend.

This post is brought to you by Rhydon, who is one tough cookie.  (Now I want a cookie.) 


Jen M. said...

I was wondering if we would see more outfits. I like the striped top and necklace.

Btw I saw a post recently about a young lady whose grandmother picked out her clothes for a week or something. She said her grandmother was an expert planner and I thought of you. Unlike me who hopes to find something clean and not too wrinkled...

Sally said...


I love posts where people have their outfits picked by someone else. I've seen them with children and husbands picking, but not grandmothers--that sounds fun.

Clean + not too wrinkled sounds just right for where you are these days, Jen. I would count getting both of those objectives met in one outfit a success! :)

Tam said...

Sally should come here and pick out outfits for me sometime. I'm not sure my closet has enough to work with, though. Might need a shopping trip first.

Sally said...

Oooh, that would be fun :)