Monday, December 2, 2013

Shades of Red

Time to play catch up with my outfit posts again.

Red #1 - 11/22/13

I love how this red jacket makes putting a nice looking outfit together so easy.

New items:
**Multi-color stone necklace from Outfit Additions
**Blue and red striped flats (6pm $14 sale)

This necklace is so fun with its variety of shapes and sizes.

I really like the three-strand look also.

The flats were another winner from the shoe sale haul.  Obviously a great pair for spring/summer, but I can still enjoy them when I'm staying indoors (and don't need to wear socks).

I had fun putting this comfy but nice jacket together with basic white t-shirt and jeans and some interesting accessories.  I'm going to keep my eye open for other ponte knit jackets as a nice alternative to my standard cardigan.

Red #2 - 11/23/13

Nothing new here, though this is the debut of the sweater this season (which accidentally sorta matches my new jeans -- woo!).

Robert told me that it looked like a Star Trek uniform for a new type of crew member.  Before he said that, I liked the look.  After he said that, I loved the look.  The Star Trek vibe is not uncommon with certain colorblocked outfits, but I think this is the first time I've hit on a combination that evokes it.

Red #3 - 11/24/13

OK, it's only fair that I post this outfit double FAIL. 

I had seen other people wearing mustard sweaters and somehow got it into my head that I too could use a mustard sweater.  They had one on the Target $15 sale and it fit, so I kept it.  And wore it with the burgundy colored jeans and an ivory scarf.  I thought maybe the scarf would keep the mustard from looking so stark against my face/skin.  Nope.  The color looked horrible on me -- like so bad that when I asked Robert, he had to admit to it not looking that great in some understated way.  (This is roughly the equivalent of an average person saying, Damn, that looks like crap.)  FAIL #1.

In addition to the mustard color being problematic, the color combination made me feel like I was about to go cheer my son's football team.

Only later that day -- after I had swapped out the mustard cardigan for a black one -- and Robert and I went to Target (to buy some lights for my Christmas tree) where I saw a clothing display at the front of the store -- did I realize what football team this was.  Yes, I had unwittingly dressed to cheer on the Golden Fucking Gophers.  FAIL #2.

Goldy photo from his Twitter account

New item:
**Ivory scarf (thrifted)
**Mustard cardigan from Target, now in the Goodwill donation pile

But let's not end on that sad note.

This past week, I was wearing my new owl pajamas from Target -- I like the flannel ones in their Nick & Nora line, which come in cute patterns and which are warm without being too warm.  But I had been having a slight problem with my neck feeling cold when I first get into bed (I don't like sleeping with the covers too much over my head, so I can get a bit of a draft on my neck).  Now during the day, I handle cold neck by wearing a scarf, but I wasn't sure what to do about it when sleeping.  (I have been known to wear thin fleece gloves and/or hat to bed, but I've never done anything for my neck.)  Then I remembered that I had sewn some (three) colorblocked scarves from old t-shirts that might be a reasonable size/heft/robustness for wearing to bed.  And has it happened, I had one that matched the PJ colors quite nicely.

New item:
**Owl pajamas from Target

My general pattern is to wear the flannel top over a t-shirt, socks, and now a scarf if I need it when I first go to bed so that I'm warm enough to fall asleep.  A couple hours later, once I've warmed up, I take those extra layers off.  It seems kind of dumb in a way to do this, but it's working for me.  (It's not like I don't wake up several times during the night anyway, and I basically fall right asleep against once I've pared down my layers.)


mom said...

I love the necklace! The colors go with almost anything. I've decided to start wearing necklaces again, so I think I need to get a necklace like that.

Sally said...

Mom -- If you decide to shop at Outfit Additions (online), Retailmenot has a 20% off coupon code for orders over $50.

jen said...

I look so bad in any and all shades of yellow, I just have to keep it on my never list. I will remember not to give you a mustard-colored scarf or necklace, ever.

mom said...

I'm going to a show on Sunday of 3 different artists who make stuff. The one hosting it makes jewelry. I'll be sure to take a good look at her jewelry.

Sally said...

Excellent - I hope you find some thing(s) you like!

Debbie said...

I love your three-strand necklace, especially with that outfit! Actually, I like many things in this post, but I may actually try to copy that one for me.