Friday, December 6, 2013


Our Thanksgiving dinner consisted of ham, sweet potato, stuffing (Robert), broccoli, and dessert (cheesecake for me, pumpkin pie for Robert).

Despite both Robert and my mom independently thinking that I don't like ham, apparently I do.  The ham we got was super delicious!  I'm kind of sorry it's gone (though one nice thing about ham -- you can buy it pre-cooked so it's about as easy a thing as there is to eat any time you want, unlike turkey, which is a pain in the ass).   But one thing I've noticed is that my tastes and preferences in food change depending on what I'm eating.  I mean, this neo-paleo diet should be an absolute disaster for someone whose favorite foods are things like bread, oatmeal, potatoes, rice and beans, peanut butter and crackers, tortillas, ice cream... and yet, I am now digging eating all this meat (and fat) with regular doses of dark chocolate and almond butter.

Oh, and regarding the cheesecake -- yes, it was great to eat something with dairy again.  The only dairy I've had for the last 11+ months is butter, and it's not like even people on a neo-paleo diet whose husband's company is in the butter business eat very much of that.  I probably will not make a habit of eating a lot of dairy, but it's nice to know that I can tolerate it (when I eat it with a lactase enzyme pill).  At this point, the thing I probably miss eating most is cheese -- I sometimes find myself craving mozzarella or monterey jack string cheese, for example.  (I guess these mild cheeses, tasting mostly of salt and fat, are consistent with the way I'm eating now and so I haven't lost interest in them the way I have lost interest in grain-based foods.)

On to the outfits.

Bright and Cheerful - 11/29/13

None of these items are new, but I think I've only worn this coral sweater once.  I love that it has nice long sleeves, but the body itself is a bit on the short side.  (I'm wearing it with a white t-shirt, tucked in, underneath so I'm not constantly tugging it down a la Jean-Luc Picard -- I mean, it's clearly not part of a Star Trek uniform.)

I had been thinking of decorating the tree on Friday, but I ended up doing some shopping online for the Black Friday sales and ... dun dun DUN ... starting the game Skyrim (the successor to the game Oblivion that took over my life last fall/winter).  Robert found it on sale, with all the add-on bells and whistles, for under $21.  (Thank you, Black Friday!)   Technically, I did not start the game myself on Friday, but watched Robert start the game.  There are some important differences from Oblivion and it was instructive to watch Robert play for a while.  For example, the opening part was pretty stressful just to watch.  (Dragon attack!  Run away!)

One thing I noticed him doing was sometimes jumping for no apparent reason -- standing in front of a door, or a chest, or whatever, he'd jump.  I thought he was just being silly (I'd previously observed that he was a "jumpy" player in Oblivion/Morrowind, especially when playing a cat character like he is in Skyrim, so it wasn't totally surprising) but he said no, he was doing it accidentally because the key to "activate" something from Oblivion is now the key for jumping in Skyrim.  I didn't really remember this, but when I started playing the game myself on Sunday, what do you know -- I stood in front of a door and jumped.  My hands remembered the keys better than I did myself.  (I think I have gotten this straight in my head/hands now.)

New items:  none

What to Wear When Decorating the Christmas Tree - 11/30/13

Something red.

Something relatively close to the body, without any fiddly scarves or cardigan edges to get caught on tree branches.

Something long-sleeved to protect your arms from scratches.  (We had put up the tree and lights the previous weekend so that it was ready for ornaments, and I still have scratches on my hands and forearms like I'd spent a while playing with Robert's mother's demon kitten.)

New item (???):
**Red knit shirt (thifted, Lands End)

Christmas tree photos to come....

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