Monday, December 9, 2013

Early December Outfits

A Better Cardigan Color - 12/1/13

Another version of the Sally winter uniform.  I love the way the scarf and shoes go together -- both are black with shimmering pink and light blue threads.  (On the shoes, the design is little fish; I bought these with Tam at the mall several years ago during an insanely busy sale at Skechers and I am still so glad we persevered.  I am happy every fall when I bring these shoes out again.)

New item:
**Magenta cardigan from Target ($15 sale)

Pink and Leopard - 12/2/13

I wore an ancient pair of black tights with this, and unlike the typical tights that constrict you at the waistband, these were loose at the waist and kept shifting down on me.  Oh well.  I'll just wear bike shorts over the tights next time to keep everything in place.  I like that the tights are truly opaque.

I also liked the way this necklace, which reminds me of claws, seemed in keeping with the animal theme in a subtle way that I am possibly the only person to notice.

New items:
**Leopard skirt from Kohl's
**Black "claw" statement necklace from Outfit Additions

Unstructured in Grey - 12/3/13

Because sometimes it's cold and you just want to wear a big-ass sweater.

New items:
**Billowing grey cardigan (thrifted)
**Grey and coral scarf from Target

A Rich Blue - 12/4/13

I have three of these woven belts from Target that look almost the same color -- red, bright pink, and orange.  This is the pink one I wore to match my new necklace.  It is such a no-brainer for me to wear this shade of blue with red, but blogging these outfits has made me go with green and now pink as alternatives, which is cool.

New items:
**Blue knit shirt from Lands End
**Bright pink belt from Target
**Pink statement necklace from Outfit Additions

I'm really enjoying having statement necklaces to wear (instead of just scarves) to mix things up.

And a bonus bunny ornament for your enjoyment.

This is the White Rabbit from a set of four Alice in Wonderland themed nutcracker ornaments my parents bought me -- this year is their first time on the tree.  I love 'em.


mom said...

The necklaces look really nice. I totally get the necklace with the leopard print skirt.

It's so nice to see the Alice in Wonderland ornaments on your tree. Alice in Wonderland is such an unusual theme for nutcrackers.

Sally said...

The Alice nutcrackers make a nice addition to my other Alice ornaments. Robert got me a set of about 6 Disney Alice ornaments, and I bought a Disney Alice-with-the-Cheshire-Cat ornament. But I think these are my only non-Disney Alice ornaments, which are pretty hard to find, period.