Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Tree

Robert and I had to clean out the Harry Potter room (i.e., under stair storage area) to dig our way back to the Christmas tree and ornaments.  The front of the room was filled with empty cardboard boxes, bags of clothing to be donated, extra golf clubs, vacation paraphenalia, and the like.  But even clearing it out completely to the back, the Christmas tree stuff wasn't there.  I freaked out about this for a bit, thinking perhaps I had decided not to move the Christmas tree itself, but it is inconceivable that I decided to not bring my extensive (two large storage boxes) ornament collection with me.  WTF?  Then I remembered that we had another storage area upstairs -- we had put our nicest broken-down moving boxes in the half-bath and then used the cut-in area where the door is to fit our stand-alone freezer.  Possibly the Christmas things were up there.  And they were.  And as soon as it was time for us to move the Christmas tree box out into the living room, it became crystal clear why we had made the (most excellent) decision to store it upstairs -- moving that huge, heavy box up and down the stairs would have been a nightmare.  So we cleaned up the Harry Potter room for no reason, but it was great that we did.  We made multiple trips down to the trash and recycling dumpsters in our parking garage, and took a carload of stuff to Goodwill.  Robert had brought a large collection of plastic and paper grocery store bags with us on the chance that the Goodwill people could use them -- the guy taking our stuff was quite excited about the bags because they are always running low on bags to put people's purchases into.  So FYI, your Goodwill might have use for the extra bags you have lying around your house next time you make a trip to donate things.

Anyway, here is the finished Christmas tree (no flash so you can see the ornaments better -- click for close up view).

View from my comfy chair:

View from the dining room side:

View from the stairs:

It's been great having my Christmas tree up.  I love looking at it.


jen said...

We considered getting our ornaments out of storage at Thanksgiving, but one look at our storage unit made me say, eh maybe not. So we decided to 3D print some new ornaments this year, which has been fun. We have the tree in a corner, so even though it's a big tree, we don't have to decorate all sides.

mom said...

As you know we've had to go a very skinny tree, which makes deciding which ornaments go on the tree a more difficult decision. It's much easier to have a big tree and put them all on it. I love your tree, Sally.

Sally said...

Jen, I've enjoyed seeing your printed ornaments on FB -- very nice!

Mom, this means you can change things up year to year...and/or you can give your extra ornaments to me :)