Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Texas State Application: Complete

Tonight I applied as a non-degree seeking graduate student at Texas State for the fall semester. I was able to do this on the applytexas.org website in about an hour, including paying the application fee online with my credit card. I had a funny moment when I read all the information about mailing in your check or money order and wrote it down in my notebook, then scrolled down and saw another section on paying by credit card. But overall, I thought the website was well-designed and easy to use.

This morning, I got the requisite paperwork signed by the business school people for the marketing class I want to take. Tomorrow afternoon, I have a meeting with the psychology graduate advisor and a plan to drop in on the math advisor (who is also teaching the section of Calc 2 I want to enroll in) during his office hours. I have not yet spoken to the psych advisor, but one of the other professors, who until recently was in charge of giving permission for non-degree seeking students to take the classes, favored my getting approval to take the classes I am interested in. Let's hope the other guy I need to sign my form agrees with that assessment.

With luck, I should be able to get everything signed and the forms turned in to the Graduate Admissions office tomorrow. Even if it doesn't work out as smoothly as I hope, I am in good shape to have all my paperwork in by the deadline of June 15. I am really looking forward to (1) getting accepted and (2) enrolling in my classes so I can (3) give notice at my job.

Even though it is 21 miles from my door (on the far south end of Austin) to Texas State in San Marcos (the next town of any size south on I-35 from Austin), compared to 14 miles to UT, it took less time to make it to Texas State this morning because the light, quick-moving traffic had me going 70 mph all the way. Going from Austin to the suburbs has me moving opposite the major flow of traffic. (I can easily understand why so many Texas State students live in my apartment complex; the drive is a breeze.) Driving to UT is more of a pain because I-35 within the city is crazily congested with traffic. So I am feeling about as good about driving to Texas State for an 8:00 math class M-Th as is possible. I still am not sure what the student onsite parking situation will be like, of course, other than pricey and probably not very convenient (though I am willing to view time spent walking across campus as good exercise time). I parked in the (unsustainably expensive) visitor center parking garage today.


mom said...

This time around it should be easier to take an 8:00 morning class since you are already used to being at work by 8:00.

Tam said...

I'm really excited for you. I have to admit, some of it is just totally irrational quitting-your-job envy.