Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gave My Notice

This afternoon, I informally apprised my boss D that I am resigning from my position. She took it as well as could be expected and better than I had feared. (Not that D is particularly hard on people or has weird ideas about personal loyalty or takes things crazily personally, but given her current stress level - sick mom living with her, insane work load, already one person down in our small team - I could understand if she was overwhelmed by the news.) I will hand in my official notice tomorrow, once D can find out a bit about the possibility of swinging paying me in some capacity, after my last working day on July 6, to help hire my own replacement. She wisely would like to go to her own boss with some kind of plan for how she's going to make this broken bird fly. (I have no idea why I just wrote that. D said nothing about broken birds. O-K.)

When I told my co-worker K, a couple hours before I told D, K was initially bummed, then gave me a high five, then said, "D will want me to come back full-time and my answer is 'Fuck no'."

I am going to have to develop a pat response when asked about my school plans because they are very complicated to explain. I think I might have to keep it simple and say "I am going to grad school in the fall to study psychology and marketing." This is technically true, captures the spirit of the thing, and avoids the whole This is Step 1 of 87 Steps in Sally's Big Plan. Many of the readers of this blog probably can't keep the whole thing straight.

It's going to be nice having the situation revealed to everyone so I can stop having to be coy about my reasons for not wanting to commit to longer-term assignments or timelines at work. No, I'm not a selfish dickhead who doesn't want to help you out on this job or an incompetent loser incapable of managing her workload; I am simply not going to be around in mid-July to do anything for your fine survey project.

My resignation letter will not look like this, though I have liked to imagine it:

Kemo sabe,

Kiss my ass, I bought a boat, I'm going out to sea.


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Tam said...

Congratulations!! I was really thrilled to read this.