Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Party Garb

I'm too sexy for this sexy and better

I went to the Ralph Lauren website to find out how much this red sweater, featured on youlookfab, cost, and the hideousness of it crashed my browser. So FYI, for $225 plus shipping, this sweater can be yours. It will definitely draw attention at your next Christmas bash and perhaps draw a comparison to Colin Firth's famous sweater in Bridget Jones's Diary. And what man would not like to be favorably compared to romantic lead Colin Firth?

Drinking away all knowledge of this sweater

One thing you are buying for your $225 is a design that draws the eye up to your pecs instead of focusing all attention on your pot belly. (If you do not already have a pot belly, the reindeer sweater generously gives you the illusion of having one.)

It is a bit difficult for me to understand how one can interpret the statement that the model "gets away" with the look other than to acknowledge that on a being as superhumanly concurrently broad and narrow as a Ralph Lauren model, nothing can make you forget you are viewing an amazing specimen. I agree with the commenter's husband who observed that getting a normal man to wear that outfit "would be like trying to put a sweater on a cat."


jen said...

Actually, that sweater would look pretty cute on a cat, or dog, or 2-year old...

mom said...

I thought the sweater looked too small, making it look like he borrowed his wife's sweater?

Sally said...

Jen - agreed on the sweater potential for non-adult humans

Mom - yeah, or maybe this is a walking warning of what happens if you don't treat your wool sweaters well? I think he may have borrowed his wife's pants, too, considering how skin-tight they are