Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Series of Annoying Events

Thursday evening, our air conditioner broke. The apartment complex repair guy came to look at it on Friday and determined that they needed to replace the motor. A couple other guys, who work for a company the complex contracts out to, came out on Saturday morning and replaced it. But the A/C didn't seem to really be working right even after that, so they came back to check it out and realized that the person at the parts supply store gave them the wrong motor. So they will have to get another one on Monday when the store is open again and switch them out.

Today, I was doing some sewing in Leo's room (where I have to block him away from the sewing table area because he loves to pick up the sewing pedal and toss it out from under my foot) and when I finished, for some reason I can't quite explain (but I assume must have been the result of a sub-conscious appreciation that the room wasn't as noisy as it should be), I decided to open our one-week-old freezer (which contains 5 dozen muffins, 8 pieces of lasagna, and 4 bowls of soup) that is also in Leo's room. And everything was unfrozen and just kind of chilled feeling. Robert came to look at it and discovered that Leo had chewed a hole in the cord. This was quite mysterious because Robert had specifically positioned the freezer unit and the cord against the wall such that Leo's lovely round body could not possibly fit behind it. Yet this was the only explanation consistent with the bitten cord. I was starting to wonder whether rabbits have some amazing ability to squeeze into impossibly small places, but as Robert pointed out, Leo would have had to dislocate his hip to get back there.

But on further examination of the freezer, Robert noticed that it wasn't actually as flush to the wall as it had been, which he found confusing until I realized: on Saturday, the contractor needed to access the breaker box in Leo's room, which is next to the freezer. He must have moved the freezer to get to it easier and then pushed it back, only not as far as it had been, thus leaving Leo with just a large enough opening to get in.

So we currently have a half-assed A/C running and no freezer. The repair phone line the store referred Robert to is not open on the weekend, so we won't know until tomorrow (or later) what will have to be done to get the freezer back in action. Presumably they can simply replace the cord at who knows what expense. (The possibility that we have a $500, ~12 cubic foot paperweight is too depressing to contemplate.)

This, on top of the fact that Robert can't get his new desktop computer that he purchased to run his huge SAS programs to talk to his laptop, has made for a weekend of all kinds of stuff just not working right. I even ran into some difficulty with my sewing machine that finally resolved itself with quite a bit of frustration but no serious mistakes. Our Internet has been iffy all weekend as well, only connecting about half of the time and thus frequently requiring Robert to perform an increasingly complicated series of rituals to get it to work.

At this point, I am almost afraid to try starting my car in the morning. (Actually, for the past couple weeks, it has been giving me a little bit of a hassle when first start it to come home from work; not enough to worry me, but just enough to notice.)

Next: Robert and I make the stereo burst into flames just by looking at it funny.


mom said...

You and Robert would have laughed at us last night as we tried to start a DVD in the player in the living room. I just couldn't get the blue screen to come up and I was trying everything, so we watched it on the player in your bedroom. After the movie I went back to the living room to try to figure it out. I picked up the tv remote and pushed channel 3 and it struck me! Dad never changed the tv to channel 3 - he was working the tv and vcr remotes and I was working the dvd player remote. Guess what? It worked! We were so glad that it was user error.

mom said...

Dad just read your blog and said that Leo was lucky that he didn't get electrocuted. That would have been horrible.

Debbie said...

I once watched a movie with subtitles because I couldn't get the sound to work.