Saturday, May 12, 2007

Going to Colorado, Again

This blog will be updated sporadically at best for the next two weeks while I am in Colorado for my last week of human dimensions training and then a week of site visits to Jefferson County Open Space parks (among other things) with Tam. I will be taking my math book too in the hopes that I will return to Texas having memorized all those pesky formulas. Because as my mom said, it's important that I learn these by heart in the event that some disaster occurs which both makes all computers and calculators stop working and destroys all books. Well, if my plane back from Colorado gets swept way off course and crashes into an island (a la Lost), I should be prepared to whip out the formula for Tan(A-B). That'll keep those monsters at bay!

And I just have to shout out for the writers of the show Lost, by the way. I've caught up with the end of Season One and it just continues to be exciting and fun and occasionally goosebump-inducing. If you do watch Lost, you should also be reading this Lost Blog. Good times, people. If you don't watch Lost, well, your ... um ... loss. I will allow no comments about Lost on this post. I cannot stand the idea of risking someone letting lose a spoiler of any kind, even if it only amounts to "Season 3 starts getting lame." I'm too invested in this thing. You could tell me, but then I would have to kill you, and that just wouldn't be right. This is one of the downsides to watching all my TV via Netflix; I am not at the same point of the shows as anyone else but Robert and when it comes to a show with a heavily mysterious plot development as this one, that means not being able to discuss it at all.