Thursday, April 5, 2007

42 Winks

Today at work, we had a little party with fruit (I very generously opened up the recalcitrant container of pineapple chunks before realizing I was thereby contaminating my hands), veggie tray, cheese and cracker tray (Ritz crackers are like the best trashy cracker ever), juice, Perrier, and a margarita machine (oh wait, scratch the margarita machine) to celebrate our admin's birthday this weekend. When someone asked her if she was going to do anything special to celebrate, she wasn't sure, so there were many suggestions about where she might go for a meal, etc. Then one person related how her sister, who already has four horses, three dogs, two cats, two children, one husband, and a job as an attorney is going to Canada to get yet another dog because it is from the same lineage as a dog with whom she had had a particularly special relationship that the sister valued and talked about in a pretty freakish way to be honest, which brought up the whole issue of how she can possibly juggle all those responsibilities, especially caring for four horses through Vermont winters (and what the hell good her therapist is doing if she continues to feel this compulsion to have additional pets), and people discussed what kinds of things they do that keep them feeling crazy busy. So I said, "Well by comparison to you guys, one of my hobbies is sleeping." Our admin (who has two teenage daughters who are on a lot of sports teams and who is in college part-time in addition to working full-time with us) said with an incredible tone of longing, "Oh my god. Sleep. I want to sleep on my birthday."

With tomorrow being Good Friday, and both my and Robert's directors deciding to give employees the day off even though it's not an official state holiday, we had discussed going birding in the morning and seeing what migrants are out there. But since it's now after midnight, I am thinking I will choose instead to start the day with no alarm clock and, if I'm lucky, a solid 8+ hours of sleep behind me. And really, there is no more appropriate time of year to sleep like the dead than this weekend.

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Tam said...

I just finished reading this at 10:45 AM on Good Friday, having just completed my own 8+ hours of solid sleep. Hah.