Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cubone to Cub Leader

"With Ketchup and Mustard"--Monday 4/24/17

With a high in the upper 60s last Monday, I was able to introduce one of my Actual Spring purchases, a pair of red ankle pants.  65 to 70 F is a tricky temperature range because it's definitely too warm for tights, but bare legs are a little bit iffy.  So pants to the rescue.  I know that many people, in many other places, wear pants most often in the colder months, but for me, these seasonal transitions are when they come most in handy.

Black diamond cardigan (JNY), $4.93/wear
White short-sleeved T (Amber Sun), $5.00/wear
*Red pants (JCP), $17.49/wear
Mustard flats by Mia, $0.88/wear
Purple/red/yellow semi-floral scarf (Target), $1.00/wear

Outfit total: $29.30/wear

I let this scarf be my guide to pairing the outfit with yellow shoes.  Not only do I look like a condiment tray, I am book-ending my blonde hair.  Smart, real smart.

"Not Paging Dr. Sally"--Tuesday, 4/25/17

I chose this outfit for another rainy day with an 8:00 off site meeting...but the meeting was canceled the day before, which made me happy.  (It's rescheduled for mid-May in my office building, so that's a win.)  I wasn't sure how the white jacket would work with black pants--I feel that combination brings out whatever lab coat qualities a white jacket possesses. Apparently this particular jacket has minimal doctoral aspects because I didn't feel like a fraudulent MD at all wearing it with black work pants.  It was also fun to wear this scarf from my sister for the first time, with the weather having warmed up from "scarf that keeps your neck from frostbite" to "scarf that looks nifty" temperatures.

Purple top (Lands End), $1.99/wear
Cream-white moto jacket (Loft), $11.67/wear
Black work pants (thrifted, CJ Banks), $0.48/wear
Black buckle flats by Me Too, $2.06/wear
*Silky aqua/lavender paisley scarf (gift)

Here is a Holland lop with a broken pattern, and possibly a broken heart.  Poor sad little bunny.  But I think he's hearing something that interests him slightly, so perhaps a cheering up via the delivery of delectable treats is imminent.

In other news...This is the cutest thing I've seen all week.  (Thanks for the link, Robert! Thanks for the Internet, Al Gore!)  It's hard to pick a favorite.  #4 and #5 thrill me with their Alice in Wonderland vibes (especially taken together), but the one that keeps stopping me to laugh is #7.

This morning I woke up twice in a row from disturbing dreams, which I will relate because this is my blog and no one can stop me.

#1:  I was at one of those outdoor movie screenings that happen in the summer, where everyone brings blankets and sits on the grass and watches E.T. or whatever.  And from the distance approached something...a big bird?...no, a dragon.  An actual dragon.  It was huge and magnificent and kind of freaky how it was able to hover in place like a hummingbird while chomping into a skein of geese that were flying by (inexplicably unaware of the carnage that was happening).  After a few moments, some other people on the grass started noticing the dragon too, calling out and pointing at it.  I woke up at the moment I realized that the dragon was just starting to become aware of the existence of much larger meat-morsels on the ground not very far away.

#2:  I was staying in a friend's house (alone), and the TV in the den had been left on.  I sat down to see what was playing, and quickly determined that it was a scary movie I didn't want to see.  So I turned the TV off...and the sound continued to play.  Realizing that the sound was coming from the stereo, I turned the volume knob...and despite moving from 150 through 0 and back up to 500 and down, etc., the volume didn't change.  I found the stereo's off switch and pushed it...and nothing happened.  At this point, I started getting really creeped out...and woke up.  What was a bit weird and extra disturbing was that as I woke up, even though I knew I was awake, I also had this sense that the scary movie had somehow been transferred from the equipment to my own brain, and that the first time I blinked my eyes, the images would start playing again to accompany the sound of the movie in my head.  It took me a few moments to get from "I was sleeping and now I'm awake" to "and that means that the weird movie thing was a dream that has now stopped."

This post is brought to you by Cubone, the Pokemon most likely to be confused with a pilot in a rebel squadron in the Star Wars universe.  (Robert got me started pronouncing it "Cub One" and now I can't stop.)  I'd never read the Pokedex description of it before--that's sad.


mom said...

It amazed me that they were able to take these photos. Especially, the frogs, toads and snake, who could quickly exit if they wanted. Even more interesting was how the tea sets were color- coordinated with the critter.

Jen M. said...

Scary movies are the worst. I can't handle them at all, so that dream would have freaked me out too!

I liked #7 too.

Feel sad for the lonely Pokémon. Reminds me of poor Bambi.

Sally said...

Mom, yes, they must have had a blind set up and used a powerful zoom to get those shots!

Jen, I have occasionally in the past thought that a scary movie sounded interesting, but after getting terrified and wimping out enough times, I finally learned that there is no such thing as a good scary movie for me.

I do wonder about the Cubone's mother--what she looked like that he is reminded of her by the full moon. The Pokemon descriptions are not usually so emotionally provocative.

Tam said...

I tried watching the Babadook a few weeks ago and after repeatedly feeling something like, gosh, I wish I could get out of this horrible situation, I realized I had the power to turn it off and not finish it.

I did love love love Get Out, though, and that could be considered scary.

Sally said...

Ah, yes, the power to stop watching something you dislike. It's weird how hard that can be to realize.