Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recent Projects

As a belated birthday present for my mom, I made her four kleenex box covers.

Clockwise from top left:  Bedroom, office, living room, kitchen.

As a mother's day gift, I revisited the clown pants (i.e., elastic-waisted pants) pattern that I have to make PJ bottoms, made shorts length.  Here's what the first ones looked like.

I have purchased fabric to make four more pairs, but when I sat down at my sewing machine yesterday to wind the bobbin thread, I found that my bobbin winder was broken.  (A google search suggests to me that there is a particular part that wears out, so even though the engine is working, the bobbin holder on the top of the machine doesn't turn.)  The sewing functionality isn't damaged, only the bobbin winding.  Sears charges a flat fee of $79 to look at your sewing machine (plus parts costs), which was pretty high given that my entire sewing machine didn't cost very much when brand new.  Fortunately, I found that you can buy a separate bobbin winder for under $25.  I ordered it and it should get here on Thursday.

In addition to the fabric I picked out for my mom's PJs (based on the colors of tops that she wants to wear with them; like me, she prefers woven bottoms and knit tops on her PJs, and she's repurposing some t-shirts as sleep shirts), Robert picked out fabric for me to make a pair of full-length PJ bottoms.  It is ridiculously adorable.

I also tried adding ruching to one of my somewhat-too-long t-shirts and I'm not entirely pleased with the results.  I can't decide if I don't like the ruching job I did, or whether I just don't like how the ruching looks on me personally.  I also hadn't considered that adding ruching to the sides (i.e., adding skinny elastic which you stretch out as you sew it on so that the shirt scrunches up when the elastic is relaxed) would shorten the sides more than the front and back (DUH), and I'm not sure I like the effect.


Tam said...

I love all these fabrics. To me, the ruching (?) on the shirt makes it look maternity.

Sally said...

Tam, good point - maybe that's what I'm reacting to. Maternity shirts often do have that on the sides.

mom said...

Have you tried washing and drying to see how much it shrinks up? Often the shrinkage is in the length and not so much in the width.

mom said...

I love the kleenix box covers! Can't wait for more pj bottoms, but I'm sorry to hear about your bobbin winder.

Sally said...

Yeah, it was pretty frustrating to sit down all ready to sew and find myself stopped at the very first step.