Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day

There is something wrong about it being cold and snowing (yes, again) on May 1.  And I was feeling generally grumpy and whiny and wimpy much of the day.  To counteract this weather downer and gloomy mood, when I finally got dressed in the afternoon (having spent most of the day in my exercise clothes after a pathetic, for me, 3.5 miles on the treadmill), I jazzed up a black t-shirt, grey sweater, and jeans with some spring-like accessories:

First I added a scarf that I bought earlier in the week at Target (during a brief warm period, when it got into the upper 60s and a 1 mile walk to the pedestrian mall was quite pleasant -- the return trip was not because my left shoe, which I hadn't worn since last summer, decided to rub a huge blister on the back of my foot that popped painfully within minutes of leaving the store, so I limped home with my treasures) and then realized, Orange with green accents?  Gotta be a bunny with a carrot!

Robert got me this pin for Easter several years ago, and I love how jaunty and self-satisfied the rabbit seems, holding this gigantic, fresh, gleaming Carrot of Goodness.  I had forgotten about this pin entirely until I happened across it last week when I knocked a box out of the bathroom closet while trying to extricate my hair dryer.  Before our move, I had donated most of my costume jewelry to Goodwill, but of course I'm happy I kept this prize.  Wearing an awesome rabbit elevated my mood several notches for the rest of the day.

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mom said...

The pin is darling! That rabbit is certainly proud of his carrot. Looks great with the scarf, too.