Monday, March 25, 2013

A Weird Brand Partnership

Robert alerted me to this little piece of insanity:

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you -- this is tofu ("protein from soybeans") co-branded with The Croods, an animated film featuring a prehistoric family on humanity's first road trip.  Because nothing screams primal/paleo diet like tofu, right?  When I think of prehistoric man hunting down something to eat, I imagine them opening a nice container of tofu and making a stir fry.  (Hey, at least it's organic tofu in this photo, but they're co-branding on the non-organic tofu also.)

Most most modern (neo-) paleo eaters avoid tofu for a variety of reasons, the most compelling to me being that they contain lectins like other legumes.

It appears that the marketers involved are trying to get consumers to associate tofu with family fun times, etc., but the co-branding effort here is pretty hopeless in my eyes.  The disconnect, nay, the contradiction, between "tofu" and "prehistoric man" is just too big.


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