Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fitting Words

Surprisingly, I have not yet started playing Oblivion again after returning from my holiday travels.  But I did play some Bookworm Adventures 2, in which you spell words using letters in a grid to attempt to defeat various enemies drawn from (apparently mostly children's) literature (for example, there are several "chapters" involving Alice in Wonderland characters, culminating with the Red Queen).  I always enjoy using words that resonate with the enemy I am fighting, even though it sometimes is sub-optimal from an objective tactical perspective.  These were my favorite fitting fighting words from my last session:

Against the Stick Pig (from the Three Little Pigs): PIGLET

Against the Slothful Monk (from Buddhist stories): LOAFER and LAZIER

Against the Gluttonous Monk (ditto): TUMMY and LAPPER

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