Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bunny Viewing Ramp Up

Tomorrow we're going to the state fair to see bunnies, lots and lots of bunnies!  In preparation for this event, I've been posting photos of bunnies from last year's fair on FB.  For my very special EQ readers, though, I include this bonus state fair bunny shot.

A handsome loaf of bun

Today I had an absolutely horrible time getting home from school that involved wandering around not being able to find where the bus home now stops (it regularly changes due to construction on campus), having to walk through knee-high grass to get out of an area that was fenced off, walking home in only warm (82 degrees) but extremely humid weather after giving up on finding the bus stop (I had sweated through my clothes entirely about halfway into the 2.5 mile trek), feeling dizzy, having heart palpitations, and then with about a mile left to go, getting increasingly painful stomach cramps.  Not fun.  But there was one good thing:  in those first moments of blissful ignorance re: the bus situation, as I was walking on campus toward the bus stop, I caught a glimpse of a furry brown butt and a white cotton tail leap into some bushes.  Any day I see a bunny is a good day.  And this bunny's bun was only a promise of the bunnies to come.

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mom said...

Hope you are feeling better now. Enjoy the bunnies tomorrow and take more pictures. I've enjoyed them.