Friday, August 23, 2013

Job Titles

One thing I like about getting automatic job alerts from the job listing sites I'm signed up with is seeing the sometimes very inappropriate jobs that they send me as matching my (general) criteria.  Today I thought, nope, I'm not going to be an Accountant III, a Checkpoint UTM + Firewall Analyst, a Solid Waste Agency Administrator, a Research and Design Engineer, a Linux/UNIX Administrator, a Health Improvement Health Coach, a Public Relations Intern, or an Endocrinologist (to name a few).

Another thing that cracks me up is some of the job titles.  Sometimes this is because of the fancied up language they use (e.g., it seems like everybody is an "analyst" these days, even if they're working for minimum wage), but even better is when there is just something sort of inherently goofball about the job when they describe it straightforwardly.  For example, this one I encountered today was priceless: 

Sales Account Manager Pasta and Extruded Products

Note that it requires you to have industry, technical, and sales knowledge of extrusion.  I guess that one isn't gonna work for me.  (I do know what extrusion is in the context of commercial food production, but that's it.)


Debbie M said...

I have a friend who was a "Failure Analyst." "Failure" is not an ideal first word of a job title!

For my last jobs, I'm calling myself "Degree Audit Specialist" and (newish idea) "Degree Audit Consultant." My actual titles, however, were:
* Information Specialist (my personal favorite)
* Information Analyst (which means programmer at my employer)
* Senior Administrative Associate (two places) (which means big-deal secretary)
* Administrative Assistant (which means middle-level--out of five--secretary)
* Assistant Academic Advisor (heh, I advised no students, but I did advise some advisors)

I once met someone who had given himself the title "Propeller Head" on his business cards. He sold wine online.

Sally said...

Heh, Failure Analyst is a terrible job title.