Friday, July 5, 2013

Easy Guess

Several times a month, when I'm reading a book I'll turn to Robert and ask him to guess a name in the book, such as:

-- The governess

-- The barmaid

-- The woman who was accidentally shot by a stray bullet

-- The brother's high school sweetheart who moved to Australia 20 years ago

-- The ex-coworker who is loaning the protagonist her car

-- The ancestor whose forbidding portrait hangs over the formal dining room

-- The girl's invisible friend

-- The old lady's pet parrot

So today I hold up my book to Robert and say, "It's the year 1715.  What is the name of the smuggler's boat?"

He looks at me.

It's like talking to a cat.  (A dog would be more enthusiastic.  A rabbit would just rotate an ear to monitor the sounds for signs of danger or impending food.)

I will leave figuring out this answer as an exercise for the reader.

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