Saturday, June 29, 2013

National Park Service, a National Joke Again

This kind of story is fodder for those who are, let us say, vigorous advocates for the Second Amendment:  "They want to tightly regulate our guns, but they can't even keep track of their own!"

Having been on the wrong side of an (in our case, 100% politically motivated and unscheduled) audit when I worked in state government, I feel a bit of sympathy for these guys, but still... This makes the errors and instances of not running a tight enough ship that we were cited for in our auditor's report look like nothing.

One thing I wonder about is how the auditors decided that the NPS had over 1,400 unaccounted weapons.  Do these weapons show up in some accounting inventory but not in the system that reports who has specific guns?  Even if it is simply a case of having multiple inventory systems that do not sync up, the mere appearance of laxity where weapons control is concerned is pretty serious and embarrassing.

The NPS was not held in the highest repute in my agency, and they seem to continue to live up (down?) to this opinion.

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mom said...

It would be so easy to implement an accounting system for weapons. I'm sure city and state police departments already have this figured out.