Monday, February 18, 2013


UPDATE:  This link should work!

After the brief discussion about null hypothesis significance testing in the previous comments, I could not resist linking to this brilliant, insightful (and short!) article in Perspectives on Psychological Science.  It's probably a bit inside-baseball in its details for an audience of people who have not spent a lot of time in the psychology literature and publication racket, but I think most of my readers can appreciate it in a general way.

And how can we not love seeing the assertion "...economists are wrong about virtually everything" with the citation "(see Economics, all of it)."

So going back to the previous discussion of finding significant results in nutrition research, perhaps these people need to team up more with psychologists in conducting their research.


Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hey

Tam said...

Could you post an excerpt of this? I think we need a subscription to read it. (I can look it up through the university library later. I just came here from your other post, wondering why I hadn't read this, and rediscovered why.)