Thursday, October 25, 2012

Variable Weather

I just went upstairs to get some iced tea (brewed in my Mr Coffee tea maker, which is a $20 purchase that totally changed my life by making decaffeinated iced cheaply, readily, and consistently available - I've also worked out a blend of teas that I prefer even to the best caffeinated tea sold in the typical restaurant) with the intention of coming downstairs to report that this morning, when Robert opened the bedroom window before leaving for work and while I was still in bed, I found myself lying there with a strange sensation it took me a bit to realize was "chilly" because it has been so warm in our apartment ever since last spring, and to tell you all how happy I am with what is perhaps finally the end of summer, but my plan changed when I happened to look out the patio doors to see... snow.  So it appears that in Snow City, the onset of autumn can be determined by the first snow.  Note: it's not cold enough for the snow to stick, but it's still snow.

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