Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Green/Pants/Training Week Day 3

A Break from Green--Wednesday, 7/8/15

Let's play another round of Reverse Inspirations.

First, a maternity version!  I don't blame her for wearing a soft knit dress with the striped cardigan in her outfit.  Gotta make that bump comfy.


Next up, a funky version with culottes [that's a tricky word to spell] and clogs.


I wore a very simple pair of black pants and a black T-shirt to let the colors of this "wedgwood" cardigan (that was its name) stand out. 

*Black/blue/white striped wedgwood cardigan (JNY), $8.82/wear+
Black short-sleeved T (Target), $2.33/wear
Black-on-black striped pants (thrifted, JCP), $0.33/wear+
Blue sparkly necklace (Kohls), $1.51/wear+
Medium blue flats by Sofft, $6.99/wear+

See how this Wedgwood platter has arranged itself against a black background to achieve the same effect?  (You're welcome, platter!)


Although of course I could not miss the opportunity for some subtle pattern mixing by including my striped black pants in this outfit.

In my web search on Wedgwood, I found out that they are currently offering a Peter Rabbit nurseryware set...OMG.  Look at this super-fancy "first tooth" box.  Surely any tooth going into this silver-plated box will be found by a posh Tooth Fairy and reimbursed at a high dollar (pound) value.

And there's this porcelain "children's teaset" for the kind of remarkably well-behaved children who would not break it into pieces within days.

I thought this post would be a "break from the green" but with these expensive Wedgwood items (50 pounds for the tooth box and 85 pounds for the teaset), you'll be out a lot of green were you to buy this collection.  I think I will pass on it and just keep enjoying the Peter Rabbit print in my office/Fortress of Lagomorphs.

In other news...Tams sends this anti-anti-A/C article.  I say a big Fuck You to those who want to make preferred indoor temperature, A/C-usage, etc., into a moral issue.  Personally I believe that the construction of buildings to "protect people from the elements" or whatever excuse people like to use to justify this behavior is unconscionable.  Shame on you for valuing your so-called "comfort" or "safety" over the environment.  Did you know that buildings kill somewhere between 365 and 988 MILLION birds every year?

Meanwhile, the state of Texas doubles-down on idiotic rewriting of history.  Bet you didn't know that slavery was a "side issue" in the Civil War...unless you were educated in Texas, that is.  (Texans should be embarrassed that South Carolina of all places has more honest education standards on this issue.)  One thing that's interesting/fascinating/depressing about this is that any exposure to the original texts/speeches related to the Civil War make it clear that the South was very specifically committed to the institution of slavery (as the article briefly discusses).  Also, my understanding is that the Confederacy under Jefferson Davis was happy to stomp on states' rights, individual rights, anybody's rights.  In any case, it's basically ridiculous to claim that the Civil War was about states' rights, not slavery, when the issue was the right to keep slavery legal.  

Two days until vacation--yes! 


Tam said...

Wow, buildings are worse than cats - who knew? Down with buildings up with cats! Down with buildings up with cats!

rvman said...

Fun fact: The Chairperson of the Texas Board of Education homeschooled her kids.

Debbie said...

Tam, the article actually said "only predation by free-ranging domestic cats is estimated to cause a greater amount of mortality."

But what about buildings makes them so dangerous? Is it like when I'm talking to someone behind me and then turn around just in time to slam my face into a door jamb? (Actually, I haven't done that in a very long time. Yea!) Or is it because windows can be invisible. (If the latter, maybe the best idea would be to put cats behind all windows. The motion of the cats will make it more clear that it's a good idea to keep away from the buildings, and the windows will keep the cats away.)

rvman, this actually makes her an expert on education. Because public education should work exactly like homeschooling. In spite of having a much different student:teacher ratio, dispersion of genes, etc.

Sally said...

Hah, yep, it's always good when somebody who opted all the way out of the public education system because they are a bat-shit crazy right winger is in charge of public education policy. That's Texas for you.